ProFlute was established 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden, by four equal partners. They shared a vision to develop and produce the best desiccant silica gel rotors in the world for the OEM industry.

Today ProFlute is manufacturing world class pro­ducts and has become market leader in their field of business.

Starting with the combined skills and knowledge in product development, marketing and manufac-turing techniques as base capital, ProFlute have succeeded in establishing a multi-million business. In 2013 ProFlute changed ownership but the strategy and values of the company remains intact.

The presence of ProFlute on three continents, with manufacturing sites where desiccant rotors are finally assembled according to local specifications, guaranties short delivery times and products tailo­red to each markets specific need. The short distan­ce between manufacturing shop and development laboratory enables a constant development of rotor characteristics, performance and mechanical design.