Passive dehumidification

Description about rotor application

Passive dehumidification is used to lower the moisture content (lower the dew point), for cooled supply air, without additional energy for reactivation. Air coming from a cooling coil almost saturated will be dehumidified, typically with 1,5 – 2 g/kg. Return air from the space (20-25°C & ≈50% RH) will be used for reactivation. See picture below.


Passive deh.



  • Lower runner cost for cooling equipment
  • Lower investment cost for cooling equipment


Application Examples:

  • Dry air storage
  • Office buildings
  • Hospital operating rooms
  • Chilled beam HVAC systems
  • Hotels
  • Schools


Products from ProFlute for heat exchange

PPS Rotors (100 or 200 deep)